Monday, May 12, 2008

NYPL-Performing Arts Branch

Instead of going to the Performing Arts Library on Wednesday Brandon, Zina and I decided to go this Monday, May 12. Let me just note that it was a really bad day, with light rain and strong gushes of wind. But it got better by the time we reached Manhattan. When we finally got to Lincoln Center, we struggle a little to find where the actual library is. At first we were heading to the theater, but we found our way eventually; that place looks like a small labyrinth now.

As soon as we walked in we headed straight to the DVD section. The first title that called my attention was the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi. It was a VHS copy actually, but soon after I spotted the 75th anniversary edition in DVD. I also found a few Alfred Hitchcock films like: The Birds, Saboteur and Sabotage. I was looking for a specific film by Roman Polanski called The Fearless Vampire Killers, but had no luck. I decided to move on to the CD section, and tried to find albums from Pink Floyd and The Beatles, also to find nothing.

We went to the second floor and spent a whole lot of time there. At first I got an intensive lesson on James Bond from Brandon. I never had any interest in those movies but I changed my mind, although I still think the titles are really corny! After, I was taking a look at a book about the best of Horror films. Just looking at the movie stills made me happy. I went on to find more books on old Horror movies (I keep trying to find stills from Nosferatu, I just love them!); a Charlie Chaplin book filled with photographs; a book on Alfred Hitchcock; a Tim Burton biography, containing a few of his drawings; and last but not least Brandon brought me the library’s treasure: a book on Vincent Price and his works. Ever since I saw House of Wax I fell in love with Price.

We had the opportunity to check out the third floor, but I didn’t really get into it. I went back to the first floor and tried to find more interesting movies at the DVD section, while I waited for my group. It didn’t take long before they came downstairs. We decided to leave after that.

I really liked the Performing Arts library, but I need to go there with more time and patience. Going to the library is always the same for me, I feel like I kid in a candy store. I don’t know what to grab first!

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